National Bank of Ethiopia issued a directive in connection with GTP-2 which states the saving amount should be equivalent to the loan outstanding of MFIs in the final year of the Growth Transformation Plan.

Thus, it is high time to focus more on saving mobilization from the general public (voluntary saving) in addition to the existing saving products. Particularly, we need to provide different saving product options that satisfy the interest of clients.

The major objectives of the saving amendment is double fold firs to meet the GTP-2 plan and to fight the loan fund shortage as saving is the best source of fund for lending.

The proposed saving products are amended  here under:

Our services

Mandatory Saving

Regular Saving

Voluntary Saving

Special purpose Saving for children

Box Saving

Special Event Saving

Time Deposit Saving

Lenege child & youth /for tomorrow/saving

Make your life better by saving money.

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