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PEACE Microfinance s.c

PEACE Microfinance S.C was established in November 1999 G.C in accordance with Microfinance Business / amendment / proclamation No 1164/2019 and microfinance Business Proclamation No. 626/2009. The company has 32 Branches in Ethiopia. The company is connecting these branches with Head Office by a core banking system of technology. in addition, the company has partnered with Ethiotelecom and is a master agent to register clients for the services.

PEACE Microfinance S.C is the Micro financing institution, which plays a crucial role in providing access to financial services to rural farmers and small-scale rural and urban entrepreneurs. its’ majority of clients are women


PEACE aspires to be a leading Microfinance company in Ethiopia by the year 2030


To serve entrepreneurs and economically active people by providing environmentally suitable, innovative, sustainable, women-focused, and quality financial and non-financial services to improve the livelihood of the society by bridging the gap in financial inclusion.